Artificial Grass For Dogs

After so many years of research and development, our last artificial dog turf system was produced. The artificial turf for dogs of NexGen Lawns is made with strong synthetic fibers. Each of these fibers can handle any wear, especially dog ​​wear. The artificial grass for dogs has a reinforced backrest to be able to have resistance against active pets.

Artificial grass for running dogs from NexGen Lawns consists of low-gloss fibers for a much more realistic looking lawn. With grass missing for dogs, dogs will experience a very soft grass fiber surface. It is not a hard or cold surface such as gravel or concrete that hurts the legs of dogs when running, but a synthetic grass that also contains UV inhibitors.

As a result this will help prevent the thread from fading in the sun, drying out or cracking. You and your pet can enjoy a beautiful artificial grass in the coming years. The most important thing about our artificial dog turf is that it is a 100% synthetic lead-free lawn, which is an advantage over the health of our four-legged friends.

Important aspects

To keep the fake grass of NexGen Lawns for dogs clean and without any smell, we install the correct drainage system that works together with our fast-flowing backrest. Drainage is essential for those running dogs and kennels. Without proper drainage the lawns are soaked with water and covered with mud. But drainage helps keep the soil free of pet urine.

Artificial dog turf will provide you and your pet with an orderly and clean space for many years, without worrying that muddy legs will return home. We also use completely natural filler that is applied to synthetic grass that will not absorb odors.

The ZeoFill filler traps the smelly smells of running dogs and absorbs moisture. In addition, the natural filler acts as a cooling agent to keep the grass fibers fresher.


Patented Crushed Stone Base

Our patented crushed stone base is the most economical but functioning drainage system. Our mixture of stones was created to allow maximum drainage and thus keep the artificial grass dry and urine-free of your pets. We have discovered that a depth of 3 to 4 inches is sufficient for cost-effective drainage.

Dogs’ urine will always leave bacteria that proliferate if not treated properly, with or without built-in antimicrobial agents that can affect the longevity of artificial turf.

artificial grass for dogs

Air panel system or drainage blanket

The air panel system or our drainage blanket is our most complex drainage system. Generally, they are used in areas of heavy rainfall, lands with slopes of less than 2% or indoors on concrete where it provides the ultimate in odor control. This is why it is an ideal solution for commercial spaces that include bitches, dog nurseries, training facilities or veterinary clinics.

They also work for residences that have a dog pen with a concrete floor or widely used outdoor spaces. The air panel system and the drainage system separate the artificial grass from the ground or concrete. Rain and dog waste are directed to a predetermined drainage area to minimize odors. The drainage blanket has the ability to evacuate more than 4 inches of rain per hour, and dogs can quickly leave after it rains, and owners won’t have to worry about cleaning damp or muddy feet.

Our trained pet professionals have helped numerous homes and kennels with the right artificial turf solution. Therefore, we can help you find the right artificial turf for dogs according to the space you have. We calculate the best pet weed that can be adapted to your space, pet use and budget. We will also study the space for drainage option that suits.

Artificial grass for dogs, will have the right resistance to withstand everything your dog wants to do, whether your dog runs, scratches or tries to dig on the grass, it will maintain its shape and will not lose its quality. Artificial grass is made with the purpose of giving your pet an ideal place to make his pranks. Many kennels and veterinarians use this product obtaining the best results for all four legs.

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