Open Space Concepts provides you with a state of the art living pod which will not only let you enjoy the external environment all day long but will also make your house look luxurious and impeccable.


Louvre Pod is not just a mainstream roof system, in fact it is a lot more modified and smarter. It has a complete ventilation system which lets you adjust the temperature and lights according to your mood. It one of a kind bioclimatic technology. Now you can control the lights and the temperature according to your comfort. Louvre Pod gives your house a personality and makes the outdoor look attractive.


Now let us talk about the design and specifications of the pod and how it is different. The Louvre Pod by Open Space Concepts, is made to look elegant and luxurious, it is manufactured from aluminum and has been layered with powder to make it resistant even in the toughest temperatures.

The roof of the Louvre Pod consists of sequences of Sunscreen blades which are not only automatic but can also be rotated up to a 140 degree angle. The rotation feature has been enabled because through it the air circulation and light can be adjusted according to your mood.

Louvre Pod

Now you must be wondering, how will it protect from the rain? Well, it has got it all covered. When the weather is rainy, the blades can be completely shut, it has also incorporated gutters on the border and the edge of the structure, which will allow the water to drain along. Without this feature, the water would gather outside during the rain or would get inside.

The Louvre Pod provides with the following three main features which makes it smarter and more convenient. Let us not forget that Open Space Concepts manufactured this smart technology which prioritizes the comfort of the people living in the house as well as the overall look of the house.


Like we have already mentioned, the blades are adjustable. Which allows you to close it completely or open them slightly, all up to you. By opening them slightly you can enjoy the cool breeze in a windy weather.

Protection from the Sun:

Now, most of us avoid sitting outdoors because of the heat of the sun and the manufacturers of the pod understand that. So, they have made the pods with aluminum blades, by closing them you can restrict the sunlight seeping in and because it is made from aluminum, it keeps the pod cool.

Protection from the Rain:

The structure has been built with perimeters gutters, so once it starts raining, you can shut the blades and the water will automatically drain along those gutters.

Rotating Blades and Side Protection:

The blades can be rotated in a synchronized manner, which will allow them to be opened at a 130 degree angle. Last but not the least, the roof is not the only part which is water sealed, the sides of the structure are too.


Open Space Concepts provides you with two options to choose. Following mentioned are the two versions of the Louvre pod and their description:

  • Free Standing:

It does not require to be attached to any already existing structure. It comes with four legs and can independently stand on its own.

  • Lean To:

It requires to be attached to any already existing structure. It may adjoin or bridge with the existing structure. It cannot independently stand on its own like the free standing version.


Following listed are the benefits and reasons why one should buy Louvre Pod from Open Space Concepts:


Yes, Louvre Pod comes with led lights. Not only these lights but it also comes with audio packages. So now you can spend your day and night enjoying the lights and make that vacant outdoor come to use. You can enjoy any weather with your own little space. These lights are also adjustable. You can change them according to your mood and ambience.


Open Space Concept also gives an option of personalizing the size of the pod. Now, no matter how small or big, you can customize the Louvre pod according to your wish ensuring that no matter the size, it will add value to your outdoor area FOR SURE!


Like I mentioned earlier, Louvre pod has been designed for the convenience of the people. It is made of smart technology which is not only smart but very easy to use and get used to. The pod is completely automatic. Now you want to adjust the blades? Press the button. Adjust the lights? Again, just simply press the button. This shows its ease of use because all you have to do is press a button.


The design of the pod is very simple and modest yet elegant. It adds value to the house and makes it look luxurious. The design simply blends in with the outdoor environment. It is totally up to you if you want it with side screens and glass doors or not.


We usually avoid sitting outdoors because the weather is just not cooperative at times however, with Louvre Pod, you can sit outdoor even in the scorching heat of the sun and not feel a thing or enjoy reading a book while it rains. It makes you fall in love with nature and lets you enjoy it on your own terms.

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