Artificial Turf for Dogs

Artificial Turf & Dogs: What should you know before buying?

If you have finally decided to take action and install artificial grass, you have come to the right place. If you are completely new to artificial grass, then you might not realize that there is a wide variety of artificial grass you can choose from. There’s a different kind of grass for different purposes.

But before you get artificial turf, here are a few considerations so you can make a sound decision and get the best artificial grass for your dog.

Best Pile Density for Dogs 

The best artificial grass for dogs has a dense pile. This way, your artificial turf can bear foot traffic and also add a more natural-looking spread to it. You must get a pile density of somewhere between 16,000 and 18,000 stitches per square meter.

Best Pile Height for Dogs

The shorter the pile, the more resilient it is. It won’t get worn out easily. This is true, especially when the fibers are made of polypropylene or polyethylene. If you choose artificial grass made from any of these materials, then it is best to get 22mm-30mm.

If you go for nylon fiber, the hardest wearing plastic that is used in artificial grass manufacturing, then it is best to go for 22mm-35mm. They are better to bear the daily use and wear and tear from your dog. It has more to do with personal choice. If you find the fresh-cut grass look appealing, then you should get a turf with 25mm pile. Those who prefer longer grass go with 35mm pile.

artificial grass for dogs

Best Fiber Material to Choose for Dogs

When you choose Nexgen Lawns artificial grass for your dogs, you must choose a hardwearing one. Nylon is the most durable and hardest wearing fiber that is used with artificial grass. Getting nylon artificial grass for your dog or other pets is the best option as nylon has the sturdiness to handle heavy and regular use on a daily basis.

Instant Recovery Technology for Artificial Grass for Dogs

Do you have to get artificial grass for dogs? Well, the instant recovery technology allows artificial fibers to bounce back to their upright position from the garden furniture or foot traffic. Pets tend to play a lot on grass, especially dogs. Due to regular and playful usage of artificial grass by dogs, it is a great idea to get one with instant recovery technology.

They give a more natural ambiance and appeal to your lawn as upright fibers are the key to a natural-looking lawn. Instant recovery technology assists in achieving this real look so that your artificial lawn lasts for a longer period of time.

‘Natural Look Technology’ Artificial Grass for Dogs

With the help of the natural look technology, the glare is reduced, and your artificial turf looks really natural, all over. A few years back, there was a major issue with artificial grass. It looked a different shade of green from the angle you viewed it. The problem was with the glare and angles. Some angles made the grass glare more. The natural look technology artificial grass adds a more natural and realistic look to your grass.

So, getting artificial grass with natural look technology makes the perfect sense no matter how you install the grass. While getting the best artificial grass for your dogs, it is best to go with natural-looking technology artificial grass.

How to Install Artificial Grass for your Dogs

The most important thing to remember when you plan on installing artificial grass for dogs is to install a permeable sub-base. If fluids are unable to directly drain through your artificial turf, foul smells can get trapped in them.

So, when you are installing fake grass for your furry friend, install a 50-75mm sub-base that consists of limestone or granite chippings. Even when they are in compact form, the sub-base will have tiny holes that allow the liquid, usually dog-pee to drain through the turf and into the ground below.

During summers or long periods without any rain, there are chances that bad odors will get trapped in your fake grass. So, hose them down with water to wash away traces of pee or anything else. Also, make sure that you properly secure your artificial grass at the edges. The best thing to do for this is to get a treated timber edging installation. Then, nail the perimeter of your artificial grass to the timber.

There are many other options to secure fake grass to the perimeter, such as artificial grass glue. You can use this glue on metal edging or concrete to keep your dogs from scratching or lifting the edges.

Last Words

Last but not the least is the certification. It is an extremely important aspect. Make sure that the artificial grass that you have chosen has been tested and it has been certified against harmful substances. There have been cases where artificial turf contained traces of lead, which is quite harmful to both humans and their pets.

So, make sure that your turf is free from any toxic element and does not contain anything dangerous. Keep these considerations in mind before you set out to buy artificial grass for your dog. Hope you would get the best stuff for your furry friend!

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